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Currently on sale at Morrisons for £3.99 a bottle, this soft little number is an absolute bargain in my humble opinion.

Don’t be fooled by the smooth taste of this Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 from the Valle Central region of Chile, it will lull you into a false sense of security and before you know it, you’ve finished the bottle and feel a little ‘tired and emotional’ as we say.

The good news is that I have road tested a few bottles of this now and although a bottle gently ushers me into a near comatose state, it hasn’t been cruel enough to sour the experience by reminding me of the night before with one of those awful red wine headaches.

However, I must stress that as yet I haven’t just opened a bottle and started washing my tonsils with it immediately. As I may have mentioned before, I have got into the habit of decanting wine at least 2 hours before drinking it. There’s nothing nicer than a ‘premeditated’ bottle of red!  So I don’t know what it tastes like straight from the bottle so to speak.

As always, please find below a photo of this temptress and feel free to lick the screen.


Let It Breath.

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Drinks

Last night we had a friend over for dinner and my wife bought the wine when she went shopping for the food.  My wife would be the first to admt that she knows very little about wine, so she played it safe and bought a bottle of Cotes Du Rhone (picture below).

When she got home at about 4pm for some reason she decided to decant the wine into a large wine decanter we have to let it breathe.  Whilst decanting it she poured a mouthful into a glass to try it. She didn’t like it, she said it tasted acidic.

Our friend arrived and we sat down to eat at about 7.30. My wife had a sip of the wine and was amazed at how different it tasted. The acidic taste had gone and it was much, much smoother.

As I said, the wine in question was a French Cotes Du Rhone. It was from Morrisons, half price at £4.99. It has the very uninspiring name of Ramparts, which definitely would have out me off buying it, but that was two lessons learnt. One, let the wine breath for as long as possible in a proper decanter and, two, never judge a wine by its name.

Yet again, these half price wines from Morrisons are proving to be very tasty and if they do truly retail for £9.99 then they are a bargain at £4.99, but to be honest I am a little suspicious of their true retail value and I am looking into it a little further and will keep you updated on any news.

As usual, here is a picture of the poor little bugger after we’d finished with him.

A Smooth Argentinian Red.

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Drinks

Recently I have been thinking that I need to expand my horizons of the wine drinking front. I normally drink French wine, sometimes Italian and rarely a Californian or Spanish.  To date I have found that any wine NOT from France or Italy gives me a massive headache.  Not just any headache, but one that really hurts your eyes and keeps you horizontal until at least midday the following day.

However, so far this year I have tried several wines from other countries and have awoken the next day unscathed, so in the interests of keeping this blog as varied as possible, I am going to be truly selfless and risk life and limb by drinking non-French or Italian wine at (almost) every opportunity. And by the way, I still think I deserve a round of applause for drinking that Turkish stuff! (See blog post: 3 Wines & Eastern Promise).

The other night I went to a friend’s house as she needed to send about 140 photos to her husband who works abroad and didn’t really know how to do it. Now two of the great things about Helen are, she loves a drink and all their wine is delivered by the case from Laithwaites and I have never had one I didn’t like round there and this was no exception.

Helen opened a bottle of ‘FIFTY BLOCK’ Malbec, an Argentinian red from the Famatina Valley, according to the label and it was bloody lovely.  A very rich taste, but also very, very smooth and the taste lasted in the mouth for just that little bit longer than expected. Lush is a word a might use to describe it. I just looked on the Laithwaites site and their wine expert says its rich and smooth (so we agree on that) with bramble, violet and liquorice character.

Of course as it’s from Laithwaites, you can’t buy it by the bottle from them but in a case of 6 it works out to £6.49 a bottle and once again I agree with their wine critic, it’s a steal!

Here’s the poor bugger after we’d finished with him!

A Pleasant Red From Waitrose.

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Drinks

I bought a bottle of Domain Combes from Waitrose on Saturday. It was £5.24 and to my mind worth every penny!

However, I have noticed over the past months that the prices are creeping up.  One of my favourites and gone from £7.99 a year ago to about £9.70 now.  In percentage terms, that’s quite a leap.

But back to the Domain Combes, it was very nice indeed.  Quite peppery, medium bodied, not too heavy and smelt lovely too.  The label on the back describes it as ‘rich’ ‘full-bodied’ and ’round’.  It certainly isn’t full-bodied, at least I don’t think so.  I don’t like full bodied wine.

The label also describes it as tasting of Blackberries and Plummy.  I didn’t pick up on that but I don’t think my palette is that educated, all I know is good from bad.

As always, here is a picture for you to lick.

Half Price Wine @ Morri’s

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Drinks

It’s Friday, 5pm on a Bank Holiday weekend, so you’d better be quick!

I’ve just been into Morrisons and found these two cheeky buggers down the red wine aisle and naturally, I got caught in their tractor beam!

Both were £9.99 reduced to £4.99

Run Forest! Run!

Apologies the pics are a bit out of focus, I was rushing to get these online.

Have a great Weekend!

3 wines & Eastern Promise.

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Drinks, Food

I use to work with a bloke and we nicknamed him ‘Turkish’ because he always failed to do anything on time, so we reckoned he was full of ‘eastern promise’.

He popped up in conversation on Tuesday as I was in a town in Hampshire called Petersfield having lunch with 2 friends.  We went to a very small Turkish restaurant in Bakery Lane, which unfortunately doesnt show up on Multimap, otherwise I would have posted a link.  But its an alleyway that runs from the car park behind Waitrose into the town centre.

The food, the prices and the service were amazing and it wasnt a one-off because this was my 3rd visit to the place.  I think its called Fez, but its the only Turkish place in Petersfield so you wont end up in the wrong place!

The first wine we had was a Californian Merlot.  I am not a fan of Merlot or Californian wine, so I wasnt really looking forward to this but it really was very pleasant indeed.  Especially as it was lunchtime so I didn’t want anything too heavy.  Not sure if its available in the shops, but as usual, here is a snapshot of the label

Unfortunately it was the last bottle and the waiter persuaded us to try a bottle of Turkish red wine.  Alarm bells started going off with me but when he promised to exchange it if we didn’t like it, we agreed to try it and again, I wasnt disappointed but before lunch I had also had 2 G&T’s so maybe I wasnt in the best shape to judge.  that said, I think I would try it again.

Last night I had dinner at a friends and she brought out an absolutely beautiful bottle of Italian red from Tuscany. She buys all her wine from Laithwaites online, so again, I don’t know if this is available in the shops.  It was so smooth, lovely taste and here is a link for it

Good cop, bad cop.

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Drinks

So, those chaps at Waitrose caught me unawares the other night and made me choose between 2 bottles of Italian red, both at £3.99 and I went for the one with the serious label as opposed to the one with a humourous write-up on the reverse label.

The problem that caused was, they had me caught in their tractor beam and they knew full well I would be back to try the other one.  Bastards.

In all honesty it wasn’t quite as nice as the one in my previous post below, it tasted younger, more acidic but still damn good for £3.99.

Here’s a holiday snap…