Accidental Impressionism with an iPhone?

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Art, Rants & Ramblings

On Thursday evening I went down to Gunwharf to pick my daughter up from work at 7pm.  It was a lovely evening with few clouds.  Any clouds that were in the sky had an amazing red glow to their underside from the setting sun.

As we drove along the hard, I suddenly had an impulse to take a picture of HMS Warrior as we drove towards the Dockyard gates. As we neared the bend and slowed down, I took the picture using my iPhone.

Looking at it on the screen, I could see it was blurred but liked the look of it, so I didn’t delete it.  When I got home, I looked at it on my PC and actually quite liked it.  I like the way HMS Warrior is framed by the tree and the wall of the dockyard.

I also like the bench in the foreground and the steps behind.  To me, it looks like a great photo to use a the basis for an impressionist painting of the ship?


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