3 wines & Eastern Promise.

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Drinks, Food

I use to work with a bloke and we nicknamed him ‘Turkish’ because he always failed to do anything on time, so we reckoned he was full of ‘eastern promise’.

He popped up in conversation on Tuesday as I was in a town in Hampshire called Petersfield having lunch with 2 friends.  We went to a very small Turkish restaurant in Bakery Lane, which unfortunately doesnt show up on Multimap, otherwise I would have posted a link.  But its an alleyway that runs from the car park behind Waitrose into the town centre.

The food, the prices and the service were amazing and it wasnt a one-off because this was my 3rd visit to the place.  I think its called Fez, but its the only Turkish place in Petersfield so you wont end up in the wrong place!

The first wine we had was a Californian Merlot.  I am not a fan of Merlot or Californian wine, so I wasnt really looking forward to this but it really was very pleasant indeed.  Especially as it was lunchtime so I didn’t want anything too heavy.  Not sure if its available in the shops, but as usual, here is a snapshot of the label

Unfortunately it was the last bottle and the waiter persuaded us to try a bottle of Turkish red wine.  Alarm bells started going off with me but when he promised to exchange it if we didn’t like it, we agreed to try it and again, I wasnt disappointed but before lunch I had also had 2 G&T’s so maybe I wasnt in the best shape to judge.  that said, I think I would try it again.

Last night I had dinner at a friends and she brought out an absolutely beautiful bottle of Italian red from Tuscany. She buys all her wine from Laithwaites online, so again, I don’t know if this is available in the shops.  It was so smooth, lovely taste and here is a link for it


  1. Nick Dann says:

    Have been to Turkey twice love there food and had no idea there was a restaurant in Petersfield will look it up.
    Not sure bout the turkish wine side of things as there not reknowned for it but might give it a try.

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