A Fruity Italian in Waitrose

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Drinks

Had a bad day yesterday so I thought I would cheer myself up with some sunshine in a bottle. So I headed off to my local Waitrose to see what they had to offer in the wine department. And I wasn’t disappointed.

As this purchase was motivated by my ‘having a bad day’, which was bordering on an excuse just to buy a bottle of wine (c,mon, we all do it, admit it) and as it was a weekday purchase, it had to be cheap. I wasnt going to spend more than a fiver.

Normally I go straight for the French section but I took a quick look at the Argentinian and Chilean wines but saw nothing under a fiver, in fact, I don’t think I saw much under £8. Then I had a quick look at the Italian wines and saw 2 cheeky little numbers at £3.99 which buggered me up as now I had to make a choice!

I went with the Sicilian number that had a more conservative label (some wine expert eh?), the other one had a humorous write-up on the back and to me, red wine isn’t a laughing matter dear friends.

When i poured it, it was a lovely light colour, not dark like most New World wines and it smelt lovely.  It had a smooth taste, soft and peppery.  it was very nice indeed, and like the Rioja at £4.06 from Asda, you just cant go wrong with this one.

Here is a picture, feel free to lick your screen.


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