Fast Women and Cheap Rioja

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Drinks
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OK, the ‘Fast Women’ part of that headline was just to grab your attention.  A cheap shot I know but hey, that’s the publisher in me.

So what about the cheap Rioja? Well, some time ago my sister-in-law bought me a bottle of wine to say thank you for having her two boys, my nephews, over for the night, giving her and her husband a rare night at home alone.

Normally I avoid Rioja like the plague as in the past it had always given me a raging headache, but after spending a month in Spain at the beginning of this year I realised that not all Rioja’s are the same.

So I ‘tentatively’ drank the whole bottle, if that’s possible and to my amazement did not wake up feeling as if a huge spikey thing was being repeatedly stabbed into my brain.

I asked my sister-in-law where she got it and she said Asda. Next time I was in there I found it and it was £4.06p a bottle, so I bought one and once again no headache.

Not only is it cheap, but it doesn’t taste too bad either. You certainly can’t complain at that price.

  1. Oli Collins says:

    Lidl do a 2005 Rioja for £4. Worth a go, it’s good stuff.

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