Half Price Wine at Morrisons

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Drinks

Went into my local Morrison’s on Saturday, not an envious task but a necessary one.  I was walking along, minding my own business when I got caught in the wine isle’s tractor beam.  I had no intention of buying a bottle of wine as I was off to a BBQ that night and had to drive, so wouldn’t be drinking.

But, there in the French Red section, was a very nice bottle of red wine at half price.  Normally it is £9.99 but it was on sale at £4.99.  Called Languedoc, a 2008, and from the Languedoc region which according to the label is near Spain.  The label also babbles on about sweet strawberries flavours, brambly aromas (is brambly a real word? my spell checker doesn’t think so) and what you can eat it with etc, etc.  Personally, I tend to avoid solids when drinking as I find they get in the way.

I enjoyed it, tasted lovely, not too heavy and best of all, I didnt have a raging headache in the morning.

So, if you shoot up Morry’s to buy some, I hope they havent run out. Oh, and for your enjoyment, here is a picture of the empty bottle.

  1. Oli Collins says:

    Like the paintings – very much so.

    Keep at it, you’ve got a talent. I remember Billie showing me a Van Gogh copy you did once, and not believing that you did it!

    Anyway, catch up soon. I have found a rather nice bottle of red in Lidl for £4.00!

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