Co-Op Fair Trade Wine.

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Drinks

We recently went out for dinner with our friends Howard and Mandy.  Mandy told my wife about the fair trade wine she had discovered in the Co-op and I belive the suggestion was that because it was Fair Trade, for some reason you are less likely to wake up with a headache.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit vague, but Mandy was telling this to my wife, who at the time was polishing off a bottle of white wine with Mandy and my wife didn’t relay this information to me until about a week after we had dinner. Enough said.

So, in yet another selfless act I decided to put this untried theory to the test, so that you don’t have to.  So just remember to thank me.

The first point to make is that I NEVER drink wine that isn’t from France or Italy, apart from one type of Rioja I buy in Asda, because ‘New World’ wines always give me a mega-headache.  So I was slightly nervous when I found that all the Fair Trade wines in my local Co-Op where New World wines, hence this truly is a selfless act!

The first wine I tried was from Argentina and it was a BONARDA SHIRAZ and I think it was £5.25.  The bottle had a screw cap, which still seems wrong to me somehow, but it did taste very pleasant and not too full-bodied.

The second bottle (which I didn’t drink on the same night!) was a South African CABERNET SAUVIGNON which cost £5.75 I think and had a real cork.  This wine had a better taste than the Argentinian wine at first but the more I drank, the less I liked it for some reason.  Again it wasn’t too full-bodied for me, but not sure if I would buy it again.

So, the final analysis, neither of them were so cheeky that I had to stop them ringing my neighbours doorbell and then running off but in my opinion both are good value for money.  Both taste good, but the Argentinian one was better and best of all, no major headaches the next day, result!


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