Flirting with Limonchello

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Drinks

I can’t remember where I discovered Limonchello, probably because I drank too much of it, but my wife subsequently bought me a bottle, either out of kindness or a desire to finish me off, and I had the last few drinks from it the other day during this beautiful hot weather we have been having.  It really is perfect on a hot day, neat with some ice.

I also remember seeing it being made once on TV, so I did a google search and found 2 ways of making it at home that seem quite simple.  The 1st way is demonstrated in a video on You Tube and is quite quick (4 weeks or so).  The 2nd way seems much, much better but takes at least 90 days and I think that even if I started now, in 90 days we will be heading into winter, time for espresso’s and red wine (when isn’t it time for red wine?).

So for this summer, I think I will buy another bottle, but I am definitely going to make a note in my diary to start the 90 day process somewhere around next March.


The 4 week version –

The 90 day version –


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