It looked good when I did it, but now…..

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Art, Artists
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I did this painting in about 90 minutes as a warm up for a painting I am going to do for a friend of mine called Mark.  Mark lives in a fantastic country house on the edge of the New Forest and As I wanted to do a large canvas but had nowhere suitable to hang it, he obliged.

It is in the style of the American Artist Harry Ally.  And that is part of the problem, I have yet to find my own style.  But that is hardly surprising as I don’t paint that often and in the last 5 yrs have not really completed anything.  However i intend to change that (now I have commandeered the Laundry room!

Since I took this photo, I have done a bit more on this.  The man arm is not so prominent so to me, it now looks better.

I did feel better recently when I looked at Bridget Hunters Blog – and she said so many of her paintings ended up in the bin!


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